Openers and Accessories

Commercial operators and commercial operator accessories equip your business with an integrated door system. With a history of performance and reliability, Overhead Door™ offers an innovative line of commercial operators that improve the productivity of any facility. Available with multiple voltage configurations, a variety of power levels, and specifications to handle multiple commercial door weights and sizes. With a wide array of anti-incident safety devices, our products ensure the ultimate in safety and convenience. Our team is also capable of servicing any brand you may already have.

RSX Operator

RSX Operator

For standard-duty doors, our RSX® Operator provides cutting edge performance features and worry-free, diehard reliability.

RMX operator

RMX Operator

Our belt-driven, quickly-installed RMX® Operator is the perfect solution for medium-duty applications, guaranteed for 20,000 cycles.

RHX Operator

RHX Operator

It’s the perfect answer to heavy-duty applications. Our RHX® Operator is available with a 3 horsepower, single- or three-phase motor.

CDX Operator

CDX Operator

For light-duty operations, our CDX® operator has exactly the power and performance you need, including high start torque and a low-to-floor chain guard.

RHX Explosion

RHX Explosion Proof Operator

Our FM-approved RHX Explosion Proof Operator is specifically designed for heavy duty use in facilities classified as hazardous locations.

RSX Fire Door

RSX Fire Door Operator

Featuring a 24-hour battery backup, our RSX Fire Door Operator is FM-approved in the US and UL-listed in the US and Canada.

RSX Egress

RSX Egress Operator

The RSX Egress Operator is specifically engineered for security grille applications with emergency egress requirements.

timer to close

Timer to Close Module

Automatic door closing has never been easier. This module offers simple installation and automatic recognition in RMX, RSX, and RHX operators.


Auxiliary Output Module

The perfect solution when you need to add door limit positions, ADA output for horns or flashing lights, and lamp output contacts.


Monitored Edge Interface Module

If you need to connect a two-wire monitored sensing edge system with our RSX, RMX, or RHX operators, this interface has you covered.



Operating your doors remotely is as easy as pushing a button. Our transmitters are available in 1-4 button variants for all commercial operators.

bottom sensing

Bottom Sensing Edges

Keep your site safe with our reliable, automatic-reversing bottom edges, available for RSX, RMX, and RHX door operators.

safety beam

Safety Beams

For the ultimate in site safety, our UL325-compliant safety beams pair with our X-Series operators and use VITECTOR® NEMA technology.

fire sentinel

Fire Sentinel

For emergency situations, our Fire Sentinel® door release device has a time-delay feature that directs fire door closure.

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